Monday, February 15, 2010

White Tank Moutains- Black Rock Loop trail

Yesterday Jon had the day off so we headed over to the White Tank Moutains (after a quick stop at Sprouts for their tasty sandwiches.) We took the twins on their first "real" hike. Well it wasnt that long of one less then 1/2 mile but we want to start them out slowly...

Trying to get a group shot in front the big cool cactus

and again trying to get another shot at the trail head.

ah perfection!

along the trail they have these little signs that tell you about plants and wildlife that we are looking at. Sam loved it and would run and to find them.

Desert Ironwood

I think I saw one but it was to fast so I didnt get a picture of it

Sam being the leader of the pack

Sydney, Sam and Jon...Courtney didnt want to get on the rock
but then she did!
I caught a cactus
so did Sam
and Jon
and Courtney

they were all over the place
then we finally found the plaque about them!

cute kids in the desert

the trail we went on had a short loop and a long loop. On the other side of this trail the sign was down so we thought it was the short loop...a little freakout when we got to the other side and saw this sign!

We will be going back in a couple months when all the spring flowers pop up!

After the hike we had a little picnic and some playtime at the little park
the girls loved climbing the tree
Samantha figured out how to climb up and jump down all by herself!