Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dinner tonight

Sam "I love this dinner so much mom. Thank you for making it!"
All it was spaghetti (Barilla whole grain) and a jar of sauce (Barilla mushroom red sauce) because I really didn't feel like cooking tonight!

I am tired because I volunteered at Sam's school all day today. Last week the nurse at the school sent a note home asking for volunteers and gave choices of days and times. The health bus is on campus where the check height, weight, scoliosis, hearing, sight, color blindness and depth perception. I said I could work anytime on Wednesday or Thursday which they took as I can work both days... Lesson Learned! It is kinda sad that with a school of I think 900 and she needed 20 each day that they couldn't get enough parents. Thankfully we live near Luke Air Force base and the guys need community service duties so we had a bunch of them helping out! Kids will be in bed by 8 tonight that's for sure!!