Friday, October 29, 2010


Jon's in DC doing some work so it's just me (well my parents are here so they have helped a ton) I had signed up to volunteer at the school before Jon decided to go so thankfully my parents just got here because they were on Syd and Courtney duty while I worked. This morning was crazy. Sam has an infected hang nail that's pretty bad, bad enough that I took her to the doctor yesterday because it just wasnt healing so now she is on antibiotics and has to soak her toe 4 times a day (we'll probably just be doing 3 times with school and all) So this morning I woke her up at 6:30 so she could soak in the tube before the girls had to get up. It's such a pain that the twinks wont take baths together so I got Courtney up first and bathed. Let her soak for a few minutes while I woke Sydney up for her turn. It is so crazy trying to get them all dressed, fed, Sam's lunch made, shoes on and out the door by 7:40. Thankfully they all were in pretty good spirits this morning so really no melt downs...which we usually have at least one. We were out the door by 7:43. We saw Stacy, our neighbor with her boys walking to school so I asked if Sam could walk with them. Made it a lot easier then I took the twinks to school and they fought over my right hand the whole way into school. I tried to get one of them to hold the left but neither wanted to give up the right so they kept hitting and shoving each other which is totally embarrassing in front of everyone at school. Mrs. DeYager got Courtney distracted and all was well in her world but Sydney still held on to that right hand! Oi I wish those two would go back to being best friends in the morning!!