Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the long walk home

Today Jon had a meeting around the same time we need to pick Sam up from school. I am so thankful that I dont have to bring the twins to pick her up everyday because it then becomes a long process. I put the girls in the big stroller and promptly realized I should pump up the tires but I didnt give myself enough time to do that so I go one done that really needed it. It makes it so much heavier when the tires are properly pumped up. I tried to run the whole way and about half way there it started raining. It was not fun. Finally we made it to Sam's classroom and then the fun really began. First Courtney wanted to sit in the front seat of the stroller since Syd rode it on the way to school. Samantha didnt really fit in the back seats so she walked most of the way. At one point Sydney started hitting Courtney and Samantha got in on the action too. They were not getting along at all. Screaming and fighting the whole way home. Not listening to me at all. I was embarrassed at the way they were acting and then when we were close to home I told them that they lost their privilege to go visit a hindsight I shouldnt have said this because then Sam went hysterical, Screaming the high pitched scream and crying "give me another chance" It was completely bizarre. I couldnt calm her down and there was no way we were going to go visit anyone now! She just couldnt understand why. The minute we walked into the house though they have all been the best of friends and right now they are sitting outside on the grass looking up at the clouds and eating a snack of cheese and crackers with water that Sam made for them. I have no clue how they can go from wildly to hysterical to perfect children but they do...and it's the moments like this that I am so happy to be a mom!