Tuesday, October 5, 2010

monthly menu

After Sam was born we did ediets and one of the things that was great about that particular diet was a weekly menu. It was under Jon's name so it was the amounts for him it would tell you the exact amount of oz of all the foods you were suppose to eat. The recipes were pretty good to. I would just double it for the two of us. We both lost weight and it really saved on the pocket book at the grocery store. But once I got pregnant with the twinks that whole diet thing went out the door! After they were born we would sporadically doing weekly menus. Again it really helped at the grocery store and we wouldnt make multiple trips to the store through the week when we knew what we were having. The night before we'd take the meat out of the freezer and we had all the ingredients so it really made dinner quick and easy! A few months back I did a monthly menu and I LOVE it. When we were doing it once a week it seemed more of a headache/chore and come Sunday sometimes I just didnt want to figure it out so then Monday would come and we'd be like what's for dinner...such a pain. It's nice being able to go the store with the recipes and get all the right ingredients for the week. It saves us a lot of money and this way we don't get take out when it's 5:30 and we havent even thought about what to eat! Here is what we are having this month...as you can see I was a few days late but I got it done!