Thursday, January 27, 2011


Yesterday Courtney had a [piece of banana bed for breakfast, refused to eat her lunch (so did Sydney) it was cheese filled ravioli with Parmesan cheese and olive oil. Sydney wouldnt touch it and Courtney had one bite but didnt eat any more. So for dinner Namy made spaghetti and broccoli. Sydney was so hungry she ate 2 plate fulls, all of her broccoli then ate an orange and banana. Courtney on the other hand wouldnt eat because she was mad I turned the TV off so we could eat. (A rule in our house, no TV while we eat.) We did eat around 4:45 a little early since I figured the twinks were going to hungry since they didnt eat lunch. Courtney finally ate a piece of her broccoli around 7:30 and then went to bed. Courtney woke up at 6:30 yelling for me....I get in her room and the first thing is "I'm hungry" so downstairs we went and she ate some cereal but only half the bowl and then she said she was full. I was so expecting to make her cereal, eggs, toast and she was going to eat a banana and blueberries but only half the bowl of cereal. I hope she's OK and she eats a little more today.