Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wing Mountain Snow Play

On New Year's Day we headed north for some snow took us forever to get there with both Samantha and Jessica needing snow boots. We went to Target and they only haid rain boots so we went to Walmart and they only had Sams size of snowboot and bow rain back to Target to get rainboots for Jessica. We finally got in the snow after being in the car for 4 hours! It was a great time...

love the fact that the girls can bring their own sleds back up with them!

Samantha the snow angel

Courtney loves the snow...I dont think she let the smile off her face the whole time we were there. She was so bummed that we had to leave!
Sydney the snow angel

Samantha going off the jump!

The girls really wanted to go down the "big" hill where the teenagers and adults was. They went down and started walking up in front of the fast sledders. Both Courtney and sydney (who took off by herself with out Jon and I watching) got saved by strangers...picking them up and taking them off the course! We didnt go down that one again! Despite the long time spent in the traffic on the way there and the way back...2 hours of fun 7 hours in the was so worth it!

the girls love to jump!

here's Jessica on the same jump