Saturday, January 22, 2011


The girls went to bed so good last night and this morning they got up and started playing without bugging me. It was kinda nice until CRASH. I came running and Syds was standing on Courtneys dresser with the shelf and all her stuff on the ground and her piggyback shattered all over the floor. Courtney was standing there too and both blamed Sam who was hiding in the closet. Sam said Syd did it so I started to get mad at her which made her really cry and she was adamant that Sam did it. I looked at Sam again and asked her what happened and she said she that she was trying to get the piggy bank down when it all came falling down but it was Syds idea so it's her fault. Well they all got in trouble but mostly Sam for lying to me in the first place. Skip ahead about 30 minutes and Sam I telling Syd that she doesn't like any of her dresses and I tell her don't say that just lie and tell her you do! once it came out of my mouth I said "no, don't lie just don't say anything. If you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all!" hopefully today is going to get better!