Friday, January 21, 2011


My dad picked all the grapefruit from our tree today. The kids dont really like them and I like them juiced with vodka or cut up with sugar. The kids thought they were fun to play with though and this is where I found them at bed time all tucked in

By the way today was an awesome day. My parents came down to help out but the twinks got along and played together all day that my parents got to enjoy the day too. I only yelled this morning when Samantha didnt listen to me. If everyday was like today this parenting thing would be sooo easy! They all ate their dinner and got a homemade peanut butter cookie. Courtney was sad that she didnt help make them but they were playing so well together that I whipped up the dough and let them smash them with the fork. We watched "Harry and the Hendersons" for the first time. They were a little scared at the beginning and sorta freaked out when I told them it was in WA but by the end they are now excited to hiking in the woods! Now they all are having a sleepover in Sydneys room!