Tuesday, January 11, 2011

excellent day

Today turned out to be a great day with very little whining! Most of the whining was from Samantha at dinner...not about the food, it's Tuesday--TACOS but about the seating arrangement! Oh well. The twins were great today. They played really well together. I mean really well. I think maybe one little twin fight but they figured it out themselves. It was a day where we didnt do anything but just play. The twinks through a little party while I went and ran an errand. When I came back I sat down next to Namy and Courtney told me to leave because I wasn't invited! So I left them room but Sydney followed and then she invited me..yay!

Yesterday we went to the library and and checked out "Ribsy" by Beverley Cleary along with 9 other books and 9 dvds. I love the library! "Ribsy"is my first attempt at a "chapter book" with the twinks. Yesterday we got through chapter one but tonight they just couldnt sit still so we read half of chapter two. They seem to like it though but they just dont understand why there isnt loots of pictures like all the other books we read.