Monday, January 2, 2012

Alderwood Mall

On FridayJon took the afternoon off and we headed to Alderwood mall to Build a Bear. Courtney lost her Tiana Bear this summer and has been really bummed about it. Papa gave the girls some money and they also had some in their piggy banks so off we went! sam brought her rabbit that was broken and I am not a sewer and never repaired it so she got them to fix it for her. She picked out some clothes for the bunny. I forgot to take a picture of therenew stuffed animals but  here they are with their hearts...
I think this is absolutely the best pic of Courtney!
She loved this tree at Nordstrom. It had a bunch of birds all over it!
beautiful Samantha
Courtney and Sydney both picked out tiara's to wear to Alexa's wedding (if they dont lose them!)
waiting for Jon and Courtney to come back from the bathroom!
We had such a great time. They all were on their best behavior too, no melt downs or fits. A perfect outing. We ended up spending about an hour in Target too. The kids all came back with some fun stuff and money left in their purses!