Monday, January 23, 2012


All the girls ad school today! Yay! I went to Starbucks for breakfast after I dropped the twinks off. I got a sausage egg muffin and it came out cold so I asked them to heat it up a little more. They felt so bad they made me a new (I had taken a bite) and a free drink of my choice next time I come back! What great customer service Starbucks has! I also ran into a Facebook friend Jeff Maudsly who I went to high school with. It's always nice to run into people you have little conversations with throughout the year. I wrote out this weeks meal plan and shopping list. I then shopped. I went to the Franz outlet for most of my bread, then to Trader Joe's for most of the shopping. I like shopping there because they have great products and I dont have to be so diligent on label reading. Then I finished it all up at Haggen. I still had an hour to kill so I went and visited Jon at the office... Nice morning!