Friday, January 13, 2012

Another class at cedarwoods.

Last night was another dog training class. We spent a 1/2 walking out classmates to figure out how to do it with the dogs. It was pretty funny. I was partners w a guy who has a 3 month old collie. Once we got it all figured out we brought the Dogs in. Lucky went first and boy she was freaked out. She is really skittish around men do the instructor was trying to help me and she would get all shakey and scared. It is so sad. Some guy must have done a real number on her. The instructors daughter helped me a bit but I have a feeling we probably will be taking the class over again. I worked with her a couple times today and she and I just can't figure it out. Of course I will keep practicing and you never know she might surprise me and pass the class! She sure is a great dog.