Sunday, January 29, 2012

Vancouver Aquarium

This post cost me $55 didnt realize that roaming internationally wasnt included in my plan...That's what I get from blogging from Canada!!!
Spent the afternoon at the aquarium today. Only one melt down (Courtney) so it was a successful trip!
the 4D movie...Planet Earth-Pole to Pole
Always trying to get a shot of the 3!

Everyone loves to get their face painted!

They got to paint a jelly fish craft with sparklingly glue...took a while to dry!
The dolphins were very cool. A couple of kids took stuffed animal dolphins next to the window and the real dolphins would follow it. Very cool!
I just love the kids amazement of the sea world.
the Beluga Whales were awesome too!
Sam and her dad looking at the dolphins!

they were laughing at me because when I backed up I fell a bit...