Tuesday, January 3, 2012

5 yr check

waiting for the dr. in the funny shorts!
Sydney is 43 1/8 inches tall (70%) and 36 1/4 lbs (30%)

Courtney is 42 3/4 inches tall (35%) and 34 lbs (12%)

They both have huge tonsils soem of the biggest she has ever seen and that could be a reason why they are having trouble with night time potty training especially w Sydney. The Dr wants to wait a year before we do anything about it. It could be a reason for their behavior problems too. They could have sleep apnea which makes them cranky and tired. She did ask if Jon and I wanted to talk parenting classes or the kids see a therapist. I said no at least for now. She did recommend one on one time with each of them though. We really need to try and work on that. All in all it was a good check up!