Thursday, January 26, 2012

A beautiful day

He morning started pretty slow. We were suppose to go to MOPs I was a little concerned that Courtney was catching a bad cold because yesterday it was so runny so we slept in. At noon I hadn't wiped her nose once so we decided to run a few errands. The dollar store, haggen (having a great sale so I stocked up on cans of beans and tomatoes for fifity cents a piece) and I had to take my moms ring I. Hat I wear on my right hand because one of the prongs felt sharp. Good thing I did because it was 6 to 8 that are broken! Then we headed down to Boulevard Park for a walk with Lucky. It was such a gorgeous day. I do miss AZ a lot especially his time of year but today the sky was mostly clear, sun was shining and 48*! Makes living here a little more bearable!
Sometimes they can be the best of friends!!
searching for seashells!
Courtney was happy with the first few she found...