Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dance class(es)

On january 4 I signed the girls up for a pre-ballet/jazz class at dancing for joy well I thought I signed them up for the class...the lady told me the first one was free so the next week I went while the girls were in school to pay for it and lo and behold there was only one spot left. They told me I was suppose to tell them after class that day if they were going to come back the next week! They filled the spots up, now what am I suppose to do!? The girls were all excited about this and there is no room!! I look at the schedule and there was a ballet/jazz class at 4 pm but it's for 7-12 year olds. The lady said that Sam could join that one since she will be 7 next month.I was a little leery about doing that since she hasnt really done ballet except for couple months at the YMCA when she 3 or 4 but the lady said all the girls were pretty much beginners and she would fit right in. There is aso sing and dance class for 4-6 at he same time! Perfect! So I tell the girls and Sydney freaks out crying and saying no she won't take that class. I find it all so very odd since that's all she does is sing and dance at home and her teacher at school says she sings all the time during free time. I would have thought Courtney would be the one saying no to it! Since there is one spot left in the original class they took I put Syd in it even though it's at 5pm. So now I have to sit at he dance studio for 2 hours while all 3 kids take 3 different classes! Dancing for joy!
Sydney took pictures while she was waiting for her class...Here's Sam in her Ballet class.
and here's Courtney she is the one in light pink with her leg straight up n the air!