Sunday, January 3, 2010

playing outside

Dec 19, 2009
Max came out to help Dad and Jon put up the lights around the house and on a really big tree out front. We ended up playing outside for a long time having a grand ol' time!

The girls found squirt guns and went after Max!

Sydney thought it was hilarious! Max on the other hand was a good sport...

The Handsome Jon!

the Handsome Papa

A little ran/mist and 38* doesnt stop the kids from having fun!

The Quad was a hit! We started out slow but then got use to it...

Sydney liked riding in the trailer and boy did she get dirty!

Jons turn to take the twinks for a ride!

Started getting a little cold for us so we went inside the shed and made a fire and yummy s'mores which ended up pretty much being our lunch for the day!