Monday, January 18, 2010

San Francisco Days...San Francisco Nights~

Jon and I went to SF for the theweekend. It was his annual meeting and holiday party. Friday I rented a car while Jon worked and headed to the east bay for lunch with Sarah, Lisa, and Richard (Lisa's Dad.) We went to a new restaurant Maria Maria. I got my hair blonde again on Friday by the bestest hairdresser Michelle. Then I met up w Julie at Don Jose's in Castro Valley for a little appitizer. I had to get back to the City before 7 to return the car. We met up w Jon's coworkers at 54 mint for dinner. We ordered a bunch of apps so by the time it was time to order I wasnt all that hungry so I thought I'd jsut share Jon's. He got seafood linguine and it was fabulous! I was soo bummed I didnt order my own. Then all of a sudden the waiter shows up w another one and said they accidently made an extra and gave it to me! Oh was I so happy! On Saturday we walked around the City and thought we'd go see Avatar in Imax but it was completely sold out for the day. So we decided to jsut go back to our room and watch the Cardinals lose to New Orleans. After the game we headed over to Fisherman's wharf for our favorite meal. Shrimp sandwich, crab cocktail, clam chowder and a beer. We always go to the outside vendor at Fishermans grotto #9. When we lived there the kids and I would go get Jon from work and drive over there for lunch. I think it's one of the best deals in town. Yummo. Saturday night was his company party and we left early Sunday morning. It sure is nice to get away for a couple days.

Our room view! Downtown Hilton room 3651

at 54 mint! lot's of wine was a pouring!

Our favorite Fishermans wharf meal!

Cocktails at the Company party!

silly photo booth shots!

San Francisco Days...San Francisco Nights~