Monday, January 4, 2010

Seattle Cancer Care

Every two weeks for six months namy has to go to the Seattle Cancer Care for two days of treatments. She has Graft vs Host disease in her legs from the stem cell transplant she had a couple years ago. I went with her and left Jon and the kids w Papa. We stayed at her cousin Jackie and Bob Pappas' house in Bellevue. They have the most amazing view (we got there late and left pretty dang early) The whole process is pretty amazing...

She signs in and a nice volunteer gave her a wonderful hand massage. Again another amazing view.

She had the "slow machine" the first day. So she was only hooked up on one arm. It took about 3 hours. The next day she had an early appointment and got the fast machine...She was out of there in less then 2 hours!

The machine takes a pint of blood (I think thats how much) out of her...seperates it all up and runs part of it through some sort of photoactive light. It's all very complicated but we just sat there and watched movies...Well mom slept through most of it...I probably would have slept to but the "caregiver" is given just a plain ol chair!

and then it puts that pint back into her. What ever it is doing seems to be working since her legs are looking a feeling better)
After it was all done we went to Factoria Square and did some shopping. My mom has been taking the steroid prednesone for a couple weeks and had so much energy. (she is now being weaned from it) It was so much fun shopping. We went to Nordstrom Rack, TJ maxx then went to a little Japanese restaurant for dinner...then back for more shopping at Target, Radio Shack and Bath and Body Works! We got most of our shopping done! Yay! On the way back north we did stop at the Outlets but we didnt find anything worth buying. (We did go to the Juicy store for Max so he could gets his gf and sister juicy suits) It was so fun to shop with my mom without having to stop every 10 minutes for a break...not that I minded doing that it just went so much faster and we got so much done!

While Namy and I were gone Alexa came out and made gingerbread with them. (I was told it didnt turn out to good so nothing was baked) Jon also found a bounce house place and they spent an afternoon bouncing away! It was nice to get away w just my mom and have some quality time together!