Sunday, January 3, 2010

O Christmas Tree...

Dec 19, 2009
After the s'mores we piled into the quad and went in search of a Christmas tree. Growing up in WA you would have thought that everybody went out and chopped a tree down but this was my first time. My parents have a little bit of land with lots of trees on it. It was a hard task because the tree couldnt be to big for the room. Sam really liked the tree we picked out because there was a yellow branch on it.

The search is on!

Jon looking all manly...O where O where is our tree!

We found it!

Sam wanted a little one for the downstairs room.

Headed back loaded w the trees!

Dont mind my singing:

Courtney took her job very seriously helping her Dad bring the tree in!

Getting it just right!

Now time to was pretty much a Charlie Brown and hardly any ornaments could go on it...if it weight more then 2 oz. it couldnt go on or the branch would bend! It was a nice tree!

all done and snuggling under the tree (one of my favorite things to do)