Saturday, January 23, 2010

Go Coyotes!

Thursday night we got everybody tickets to the Coyotes game! (the Circle K deal was $10 worth of pepsi products and get 2 lower bowl tickets to a Coyotes game.) Jim and Jill Blair were suppose to go w us but they chickened out because of the storm that was blowing through the area (the worst storm in 20 years and there were a lot of road closures) Our family has become quite the Coyotes fans this season. The kids dont even mind when we watch the games on tv. The yell "go Coyotes!" The Coyotes played Nashville Predators and every time the Coyotes scored the girls got up and danced and clapped. The twins would even hug and kiss eachother. It was super cute! (my little canon broke so I couldnt get it on video) The Coyotes won 4-2 w Scotty Upshall doing a hat trick! (that means he scored 3 goals and everybody throws their hats on the rink) All in all it was a fun outing!
Jon found some kids jerseys online for really cheap so he got the girls all white jerseys...he also got red ones but they havent all arrived yet.

waiting for the game to start!

the zamboni was fun to watch...hopefully one day they can go for a ride on one!

gotta get the popcorn and nachos!

Courtney fell and got a bloody lip and needed Lyssa snugggles!

the Lagaurdia's got tickets that day. Sam spent most of the game saying "Can we go see Auntie Kim and Jessie"

silly Sam!

the attempt of a family photo...
In the last minutes of the game Courtney was dancing on her Dads lap and ended up onthe jumbo tron. Way cool!!