Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Day!

The Ludtke, Howe, Pate, Fallis families all got together on Christmas Day for a wonderful afternoon/evening at Namy and Papa's house. Namy was a little worried that we wouldnt be able to fit (all 19 of us) but we fit, no problem! It was a perfect day to celebrate Jesus's birth!

Samantha and Peepers (Emily Pate)

oh Maxer!

lots of yummy food!

Alexa trying to get the gift exchange going!

present time

a case of Wild Turkey, nah it was a Magic Bullet!

The Pates got all the girls guitars...Courtney loves it the most...Rock on Sister!!

Uncle Lance!

Jack and Mitch goofing around w Courtney

Emily, Alexa and Samantha looking rather festive!

Namy and Papa
The big grandkids read the Christmas story Luke 1:26 - 2:40 and poor Jack went a little too was a fabulous Christmas day!